The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz


“The School is guided by universal ethical rules, freedom of tuition, creative liberty and freedom of research in the field of art and artistic creativity, in respect for truth, solidarity, democracy and tolerance in this way referring to the general Polish university and artistic educational tradition.”
(Polish National Film School Statute)

The Film School in Lodz, one of the oldest film schools in the world, puts special emphasis on practical work in its teaching program not forgetting about a broad theoretical knowledge. The School educates directors, directors of photography, animators, photographers, screenwriters, editors, film and television production managers and actors. Studies comprise practical workshop classes accompanied by film history, culture and art theory contributing to a thorough artistic development. We are convinced that it is not until students get onto a real film set that they learn the profession and gain experience and independence. Daily classes are held at our studios facilities as well as at post-production and special effects computer classrooms. Full- time film school employed professional stuff, with all their wealth of knowledge and experience, help the students make their first films. What differentiates the School from others is the possibility of working with established professional 35mm film stock. We provide the newest cameras, lightning and sound equipment, professional post-production suites and a sufficient amount of practice to exploit every ambitious idea and develop young talent.

“It was, is and should be a school of profound ambitions – full of determined people”
(Roman Polanski)




School’s Highlights