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*Industry panel by T-Port in collaboration with Sarajevo Film Festival*

Every emerging filmmaker knows the uphill battle which is promoting your short film. Challenges, barriers, and “Filters” are constantly popping up, yet they serve to play an important role.

How do decision-makers, the people who decide which films get screened, sold, or selected, make their picks? What considerations guide programmers in designing their programs? What programming challenges are unique to short film curation? And how all of this is transforming in the age of hybrid and online festivals?

The answers to these questions can change the way you think about filmmaking, film curation and your pathway to success as a filmmaker. T-Port co-organised a panel at Sarajevo Film Festival on the topic, inviting Kathleen McInnis, Céline Roustan (Short of the Week/ Programmer Palm Springs Festival), Léo Soesanto (Coordinator Short Film Section – Semaine de la Critique Cannes) and Miguel Valverde (Director IndieLisboa Film Festival) shared their experience and provide some behind-the-scenes insight. The panel was moderated by Sarajevo’s programmer of the European Shorts section, Bianca Lucas.

Watch the full discussion here:

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