ESEC – Ecole Supérieure d’Etudes Cinématographiques

The ECOLE SUPERIEURE D’ETUDES CINEMATOGRAPHIQUES (ESEC), is a private school centrally located in Paris. With 43 years of existence, the ESEC developped an international recognition. 

Certified by the French Ministry of Labour the school has a close partnership with the Sydney Film School organising Students exchanges. The school is proudly giving Intermediate Level English classes to all students.

The school emphasize on a collaborative practice-based learning and the students achieve over 60 films per year.

Having high connexions with the Film Industry, the ESEC takes part in the professional integration of its graduate students through required internships at the end of their studies.

Through its under graduate and graduate programs, the ESEC prepares its candidates for carrers in:
– Directing for Film and Video, with optional sections in screenwriting and documentary filmmaking,
– Film and video production,
– Video editing and digital special effects for film and video,
– Screen writing.

With over 400 students (265 under gratuates and 145 graduates), coming from over 20 countries, ESEC delivers its own diplomas in cinematography and audiovisual techniques.
– Registered with the Ministry of Education in 1973, member of the FEMIS national college since 1986 until 1998, ESEC is a professional school, training students in the fields of cinema, audiovisual mediums, and multimedia applied to various audiovisual mediums.
– As with other national schools, ESEC delivers its own diplomas in cinematography and audiovisual techniques, which are french and international diplomas at level II.
– These diplomas are recognized as among the most important diplomas delivered in France and are recognized by other universities and professional schools in France and abroad, including in 70 other countries.


Created in 1973, one of the best private school of cinema and audiovisual in France, recognized by the French Ministry of Culture.


School’s Highlights