Children of the Colline

Partner: ESEC – Ecole Supérieure d’Etudes Cinématographiques

The health crisis carries on, the doors of the theatres are closed, the political souls are awakening. For the past few months, young actors have occupied the National Theatre La Colline. While the days are the same, in the entrance of a theater wher


Duration: 17min.

Country: France

Language: French

Year: 2021

Genre: Documentary

Topic: Art, Capitalism, Coming of age, Documentary, Economic status, Social, Society

Cast & Crew

Production company: ESEC - Ecole Supérieure d'Etudes Cinématographiques

Writer: Anne-Sophie RICHARD, Chloé BATY, Louise GIRIAT, Benjamin HAUSSER

Cinematographer: Chloé BATY, Louise GIRIAT, Benjamin HAUSSER, Anne-Sophie RICHARD

Editor: Clément GILLE, Théo LEFEBVRE

Actors: Les occupants du Théâtre de la Colline


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