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University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts (USC) has two films in the running, Olivia Peace’s AGAINST REALITY and Josh Green’s WAVES APART. The latter is available to watch on T-Port.

Columbia University has Gabriella Canal and Michael Fearon’s SEASONS. Lastly Filmakademie Baden Württemberg has Eugen Merher’s THE BOY WHO COULDN’T FEEL PAIN.The latter is available to watch on T-Port. 

Check out the partner catalogues on T-Port, there are plenty of upcoming filmmakers to discover.

Waves Apart



Josh Green 
25min I  Documentary I 2021

A Jewish surfer confronts the dark, anti-semitic history of the sport he once found solace in.

Watch “Waves Apart” on T-Port



The Boy Who Couldn’t Feel Pain 

Eugen Merher

20min \ Drama \ 2022

Filmakademie Baden Württemberg 


‘The Boy Who Couldn’t Feel Pain’ tells the fictional small-town legend of Chester, a backyard prize fighter who can’t feel any pain. When Annie, a bowling alley employee who just moved into town challenges him for a fight, things begin to change.

Watch “The Boy Who Couldn’t Feel Pain” on T-Port


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