Three Goats/ Dani Rosenberg

Partner: Pitch-Point Shorts – Jerusalem Film Festival & GMFF

Dani Rosenberg is a director, producer and writer. Graduated with honors the “Sam Spiegel Film School-Jerusalem”. Director of the short films SUSYA, FENCE, DON QUIXOTE IN JERUSALEM and THE RED TOY.

His debut feature film – THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MY FATHER, won in the Jerusalem Film Festival for Best Film of 2020 and participated in Cannes Festival 2020.



Four years of independence, three rebellious goats, two government officials that chase them, and one sun shining above.
Estimated Budget: 250,000 ILS


Previous work:
Watch here Dani Rosenberg’s 2008 Short Film “Homeland”:
1948 War. Lolek, a young Holocaust survivor, arrives in Israel and thrown in the middle of the desert.A stranger to the language and the new identity he is given, he is assigned in an isolated post under a brutal commander and the burning sun. Afflicted by homesickness and the heat, he sets out to look for some shade.


Duration: 15min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Adventure, Animals, Homeland, Society

Cast & Crew

Production company: Stav Morag Meron

Writer: Dani Rosenberg

Cinematographer: -

Editor: -

Actors: -


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