In the Land of Limpopo/ Gur Bentwich

Partner: Pitch-Point Shorts – Jerusalem Film Festival & GMFF

Gur Bentwich directed four feature films, two documentaries, quite a few TV series, shorts, music videos and what not. Sometimes acts in other director's projects.

He lives in Tel Aviv with his partner, editor and muse Maya Kenig. Together they make films, kids and lots of fun.



A (way) overdue reconciliation between an enraged, screwed up and confused young man, recently discharged from military service, and his father, a retired general and a destined-to-be alcoholic who is crashing out on his sons balcony during the first Gulf War.

Estimated Budget: 350,000 ILS



Previous work:
Watch here Gur Bentwich’s 2014 Short Film “Love is Blind and Deaf”:

Adam and Eve’s story revisited with a twist \ Adam and Eve move in together. Only this time there’s no Garden of Eden, no snake to blame and not much of a god to fear. Just two people struggling to get along together, one apple and some fig leaves.


Duration: 20min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adult Relationship, Biography, Family, Human Conduct, Human Relationship, Jewish, Middle East Conflict, War

Cast & Crew

Director: Gur Bentwich

Production company: Gurumaya Productions

Writer: Gur Bentwich

Cinematographer: -

Editor: -

Actors: -


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