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Andrey Natotsinskii is a Moscow-based filmmaker, actor and photographer. His latest short film, “Katia”, is a fictional drama following Galina, who after her daughter’s death, remains completely alone and loses the meaning of life. Suddenly, she finds the incarnation of her daughter in a prostitute she meets in an elevator.

The film is available on T-Port via the catalogue of our partner Vostok, a Russian distribution company focused on the international sales of Russian short films. 

We recently had a chance to talk to Andrey about his latest film, his artistic vision, and what he considers essential in the filmmaking process.

Hello Andrey! While working on the “Katia”, where did you draw your inspiration from? 

From painting. 

Tell us about a filmmaker that you admire and why? 

My master, Alexander Sokurov. I admire his talent and brave point of view.

Can you tell us about your first encounter with cinema – do you recall your first memory from watching a film?

My father introduced me to “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover” – it was a great experience. 

Next to filmmaking, what do you consider as your passions in life?

I really love football and music. 

How did you first start working on this film? What was the process like and what first sparked the idea to make this film? 

A close friend of my sister’s died and I started to think about this situation… What it means to lose someone. 

Tell us a bit about your film and the filmmaking process – what were your main insights? 

It was about 4 or 5 shooting days, really short. we made it on film roll. 

What were the biggest challenges you encountered during making your film? 

Life. Someone stole our lighting fixtures in the elevator for example. 

How was it to collaborate with your cast and crew? Have you formed any particular meaningful connection from someone from the crew you would like to share? 

It was the first big team, first close work with actors – very important for everything that follows. after “Katia”, we made another 2 films with my DOP, Mikhail Pashkulski.

Tell us about the sound choices in your film – what type of score did you use and why? What other types of sounds did you use (if any)? 

All sound in my film was recorded in the shooting process, except the final song. This song I recorded with my own voice in a studio.

Tell us about the visual choices in your film. What were your main goals and techniques in creating the visual style of your film? 

For me and my DOP, it was important to shoot on film, because it gave us the possibility to see the time on the screen. it’s different air, it’s magic.

If you had to summarize your film in three words, what would they be? 

Where are you?

What would you like people to take away from your film?

If they will take something it will be a little victory – everyone takes what he needs. 

What did you find (or still find) as especially lacking in the process of distributing and promoting your film? What was especially challenging? 

If you haven’t got money – it’s difficult. It’s a problem. 

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