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Yoram Ever-Hadani in no stranger to the professional international industry. The 50 years old Israeli filmmaker already has a proven career in directing commercials for international brands such as SodaStream, Mazda, Ford, Mitsubishi.

He is also a writer, with 5 children’s books and an adult novel he penned so far.

His mesmerizing short film, “Moon Drops”, which has no spoken dialogue, has gained massive festival attention around the world, seven winning the Grand Prix at the Comic-Con in San Diego.

His short without dialogue was recently submitted to T-Port Lighthouse and selected by curator Kathleen McInnis for the 2020 T-Port Lighthouse official selection.

We finally got a chance to talk with the unique filmmaker to find out more about his perspective on filmmaking, his ambitious artistic vision, and the next few destinations of his journey.


Working in advertising for so long, I always had a dream of doing something more clean and cinematic. The idea of a simple worker who invents an enigmatic machine that produces liquid from the moon’s light was some kind of a fairy tale I was dreaming of.
I knew from the beginning I would like to make a silent film (which became later a non-dialogue film which is a bit different).
Making a 16 minutes story with no single word required a very accurate cinematic storytelling, acting, and locations. I wanted a communist look of a factory and buildings so the choice was between Kyiv and Belgrade. We chose Belgrade and the Serbian producer became a real partner!
Because there is not a single word of dialogue the actors could be Serbian (which turned out to be amazing actors).
Original music was composed by Tomer Biran and was performed by the Philharmonic of Prague!
This has been and still is an incredible journey.
After screening at more than 70 festivals and winning 26 awards all around the globe (including the Grand Prix at the Comic-Con in San Diego), I feel that the film did so much more than I expected it to – so whatever will happen next – I am grateful.

T-port is another way to reach more audiences and to add to this amazing journey.

I am looking forward to the next short film I am making. Pre-production was already on the go, but was evaporated due to Covid-19.
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