Director: Nir Berger

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A love story in the age of screens. Adele, a 17-year-old internet "troll" who enjoys insulting her classmates online, is hit on by a like-minded boy. The flirtation is hindered when he asks to see what she looks like.


Duration: 25 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew, English

Year: 2019

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Adolescence, Childhood, coming of age, human conduct, Human Relationship, Idendity, Internet, Jewish, Loneliness, Love, Love & Time, Media, Middle East Conflict, Mobile Phones, Obsession, Otherness, Relationship, Romance, Social, Society, Technology, Teen love, TragiComedy, War, Youth, Youth/Teen

Cast & Crew

Director: Nir Berger

Producer: Leah Tonic

Writer: Nir Berger

Actors: Neta Roth Itamar Moalem

Festivals & Awards


Jerusalem Film Festival

Moscow Shorts


Palm Springs ShortFest

IFVA awards


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