Think Positively

Partner: VOSTOK

Director: Irina Khodush

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Raissa works at the Animal Health Police and she is at the height of her career. But what makes her so successful in her job is also the cause for her chaotic private life.


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Duration: 15 min.

Country: Russian Federation

Language: Russian

Year: 2019

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Adult Relationship, Animals, Idendity, Love, Obsession, Sexuality, Work

Cast & Crew

Director: Irina Khodush

Producer: Take Shot Studio

Writer: Irina Khodush, Lydia Utemova

Actors: Natalia Shvets, Vladimir Mishukov, Andrey Finyagin

Distributor Company: VOSTOK

Festivals & Awards



El Gouna Film Festival

Foyle Film Festival


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