Sin Cielo

Partner: Salaud Morisset

A young boy in a Mexican border town hustles any way he can to help his family but learns some very cruel realities when the girl he likes gets 'disappeared'. Based on trues stories from La Frontera.


Duration: 25min.

Country: United States of America (USA)

Language: Spanish

Year: 2018

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adolescence, Adult, Adult Relationship, Army, Coming of age, Death, Delinquency, Family, Fear, Hispanic, Homeland, Human Conduct, Human Relationship, Human Rights, Identity, Latino, Love, Relationship, Romance, Social, Society, Teen love, Thriller, Violence, War, Women, Youth/Teen

Cast & Crew

Production company: Daria Suvorova

Writer: Jianna Maarten Saada

Cinematographer: Marcin Banasiak

Editor: Aashish D'Mello

Actors: David Gurrola , Fenessa Pineda , Sophia Santi , Karen Sours Albisua , Vanessa Benavente , Dylan Bruno

Festivals & Awards

LA Film Festival

Atlanta Film Festival

Urbanworld Film Festival

LA Shorts International Film Festival

Dehli Shorts International Film Festival (DFIFF)

Cork Film Festival

Lublin Film Festival

International Film Festival KineNova Skopje


Festival Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

Ivy Film Festival

Palm Springs ShortFest

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

Pennsylvania Indie Shorts Film Festival

Annapolis Film Festival

Arthouse Asia

Seattle International Film Festival Seattle International Film Festival Grand Jury: Best Live Action Short

Marfa Film Festival

Sose International Film Festival

Arizona International Film Festival

Brussels Short Film Festival

Pune Short Film Festival

AFI Fest-American Film Institute

Anchorage International Film Festival

Future Short MX

Souq Film Festival


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