Not the 80s

Partner: AG Kurzfilm   |   Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

Lucy likes Anton and Anton likes Lucy. As both are having two "cool looking drinks," Anton reveals that he is HIV positive. Meanwhile Lucy has to realize that her HIV education is in pretty bad shape.


Duration: 17min.

Country: Germany

Language: German

Year: 2022

Genre: Fiction (Comedy), Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adult, Adult Relationship, Education, Falling in Love, Human Relationship, Humor, Identity, Love, Love & Time, Relationship, Romance, Sexuality, Society, Youth

Cast & Crew

Production company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Writer: Marleen Valien, Max Rauer, Ludwig Meck, Christine Duttlinger

Cinematographer: Max Rauer

Editor: Vreni Sarnes

Actors: Deniz Orta, Merlin Rose, Joshua Seelenbinder

Festivals & Awards


Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis

Filmfest Dresden Filmfest Dresden Audience Award

Sehsuchte International Student Film Festival

Athens International Film and Video Festival

RiverRun International Film Festival

Fünf Seen Filmfestival

HollyShorts Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival

Maryland International Film Festival

Guanajuato International Film Festival Guanajuato International Film Festival Best Fiction Short Directed by a Woman


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