Last Round

Partner: Minshar School of Art

Eliya is a Tel Aviv barfly. She drinks, does blow, picks up a female bartender for a male friend. The three leave the club together. As Eliya drifts through the night, in a party daze, we find out she has a life-changing appointment in the morning.


Duration: 20min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2016

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Women

Cast & Crew

Director: Ziv Mamon

Production company: Ziv Mamon

Writer: Ziv Mamon

Cinematographer: Omer Lotan

Editor: Ornit Levy

Actors: Ella Tal, Nony Geffen, Ira Nussbaum, Galla Borowski , ,

Festivals & Awards

Filmschool Fest Munich

Fipa Biarritz

Kiev international short film festival

Sydney Women film festival

Jerusalem International Film Festival

Tel Aviv International Short Film Festival (TISFF)

Lethal Lesbian – Israeli Lesbian Film Festival


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