I Killed Mother

Director: Lior Perelsztejn

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After a disappointing tour, Lior returns home for mandatory quarantine. He infects his mother with Covid-19 as his mental health destabilizes and the walls of solitude katabasing his world.


Duration: 20 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2022

Genre: Experimental, Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adult, Adventurous Person, Art, Betrayal, Biography, Black Humor, Body, Cinema, Crisis, Death, Desire, Dream, Experimental, Family, Fantasy, Friendship, Happiness, Human Conduct, Human Relationship, Humor, Identity, Internet, Jewish, Literature, Love & Time, Manhood, Media, Mobile Phones, Mourning, Nostalgia, Obsession, Paranoia, Philosophy, Photography, Relationship, Road Movie, Romance, Sexuality, Social, Society, Struggle, Suicide, Trauma, Underground, Violence

Cast & Crew

Director: Lior Perelsztejn

Producer: Shmikty Productions

Writer: Lior Perelsztejn

Cinematographer: Lior Perelsztejn

Editor: Lior Perelsztejn

Actors: Lior Perelsztejn Hadas Perelsztejn Oded Geizhals Osnat Markovitz


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