Homo Sapiens

School: The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University

Director: Bar Friedman

filmmaker's profile

A student who has yet to fully mature and who is also a bit ignorant, has to study for an exam with his homosexual schoolmate. He commits just about every PC faux pas under the sun, but also learns a lot, not just for the exam.


Duration: 20 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2019

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Friendship, Human Relationship, Idendity, LGBTQ

Cast & Crew

Director: Bar Friedman

Producer: Noa Frank, Bar Friedman

Writer: Bar Friedman

Actors: Bar Friedman Meni Gross Yair Israel Gary Babadjanov

Festivals & Awards


TLV Fest

Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival

Fargo-Moorhead LGBT Film Festival