Empty Spaces

School: The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University

Director: Ben Ziv

filmmaker's profile

Nati, an officer in the IDF (Israel Defence Force) is heading south with three soldiers in order to perform a very complicated mission.


Duration: 27 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2020

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Army, Death, Homeland, human conduct, Idendity, Jewish, Motherhood, Mourning, Otherness, Social, Society, Youth

Cast & Crew

Director: Ben Ziv

Producer: The Steve Tisch School of Film & TV Tel Aviv University

Writer: Ben Ziv, Yuval Avigdor

Actors: Amit Weinberg Billy Barzilay Ram Gueta Iftach Greenberg Orna Banai Osher Maimon Hezi Saddik



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