Bebo, Asko

School: Sapir College – School of Audio and Visual Arts

Director: Meggie Basilia

filmmaker's profile

At the age of 27 I decided to stop being ashamed of my roots and return to my homeland, Georgia. Through the eyes of my 70 year old grandmother, Aza, I discover how she copes when she is fired from her job and accumulates debt.


Duration: 25 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew, Russian

Year: 2019

Genre: Documentary

Topic: Adult Relationship, Aging, Documentary, Family, Jewish, Loneliness, Love, Love & Time, Mature/Adult, Miggration, Old Age, Romance, Senior, Senior/Aging

Cast & Crew

Director: Meggie Basilia

Producer: Netta Shalev

Actors: Aza Raikova, Maia Shavlidze, Lali Berman, Yasha Shavlidze