All That Could Be

When an introverted millennial (Jorryt) goes on vacation with an artist group he is challenged to push his boundaries. He starts to question whether he can hold his own against the manifestations of colours, sexual gestures and creative excesses.


Duration: 18 min.

Country: Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Year: 2021

Genre: Experimental, Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adolescence, Coming of age, Friendship, Human Relationship, Identity, Loneliness, Otherness, Sexuality, Teen love, Youth

Cast & Crew

Director: Sam van Zoest

Production company: Sam van Zoest

Writer: Sam van Zoest

Cinematographer: Sam van Zoest, Kathlyn Wuyts, Annick Sickinghe, Jorryt de Jong, Eva Aarts

Editor: Sam van Zoest, Tim Kaasjager, Kathlyn Wuyts, Annick Sickinghe, Wouter Maas, Thomas Maas, Eva Aarts

Actors: Jorryt de Jong , Kathlyn Wuyts , Annick Sickinghe , Thomas Maas , Ruben Dahmen , Tim Kaasjager , Wouter Maas , Eva Aarts , Tjalle Galama , Sean Hauser , Sam van Zoest


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