A Glimpse At Earth

Partner: Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

Director: Galia Even Hen

filmmaker's profile

Dudu (a married woman) and her mother are hospitalized in psychiatric day hospitalization. Dudu has a film idea and she pretends the other patients in the hospital are characters in her film.


Duration: 14 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2020

Genre: Experimental, Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Activism, Adult, Adult Relationship, African, Art, Black Identity, Capitalism, Children, Cinema, Desire, Disability, Dream, Drugs, Every Day Life, Experimental, Falling in Love, Family, Fantasy, Freedom, Friendship, Human Relationship, Human Rights, Identity, Inspiration, Jewish, Love, Love & Time, Magic, Marriage, Mental Health, Motherhood, Philosophy, Photography, Politics, Psychosis, Racism, Sick, Social, Society, Space, Spirituality, Survival, Technology, Zombie

Cast & Crew

Director: Galia Even Hen

Producer: Galia Even Hen

Writer: Galia Even Hen

Cinematographer: Amir Fishman

Editor: David Nestel

Actors: Dudu - Adi Balotin Psychiatrist - Gilad Cohen Nurses - Iren Keren & Jozef Gold Dudu’s Husband - Amit Mauthner Dudu’s Daughter - Ayanah Mauthner President George W. Bush - Iizhak Melammed Condoleezza Rice - Eden Shpilman The Light-brown hair - Nadav Giveon The guilt - Nava Carmeli The scientist - David Nestel The alternative - Bar Katz Occupational therapist - Arlette Mintzer Coach - E.B Dan Teacher for creative writing - Tal Hake


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