What They Left Behind

Partner: USC – University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

A young woman dreams about her earliest memory of her great-grandfather’s death. While walking home, she recalls her ten age self attending her paternal grandfather’s wake. She goes further back to her memories with her grandfathers as a child.


Duration: 7min.

Country: United States of America (USA)

Language: Mandarin (Chinese)

Year: 2022

Genre: Animation

Topic: Aging, Asian, Death, Grief, Memories, Mental Health

Cast & Crew

Production company: University of Southern California

Writer: Vicky Xingyu Gu

Cinematographer: Vicky Xingyu Gu

Editor: Vicky Xingyu Gu

Actors: Voice Actors , Vicky Xingyu Gu , Moka , Wenze Fan , Vera Tin ,


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