The Salamander Child/ Théo Degen

Partner: Les Arcs Film Festival – Talent Village 2021

At 15, Florian thinks he can communicate with the deads through fire. That belief makes him the weirdo in the village where he lives. One day, by dint of being called a monster. He becomes one.


Théo Degen is currently working on his first debut film “The Land of Nowhere”


Duration: 26min.

Country: Belgium

Language: French

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction (Comedy), Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adolescence, Childhood, Coming of age, Death, Fable, Fantasy, Friendship, Violence

Cast & Crew

Director: Théo Degen

Production company: INSAS

Writer: Théo Degen

Cinematographer: N'gare Falise

Editor: Laureline Maurer

Actors: Florian Villez , Elsa Blero

Festivals & Awards


Festival de Cannes - Cinefondation Festival de Cannes - Cinefondation First Prize

Curtas Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival Curtas Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival Best Fiction

Film Fest Gent Film Fest Gent Audience Award for best student short

Black Nights Film Festival Tallinn (PÖFF)

Ljubljana Film Festival (LIFFE)

Sarajevo Film Festival

Minimalen Short Film Festival


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