Director: Matus Krajnak

filmmaker's profile

A romantic comedy mini-series about the dating experience of a queer vlogger. Milan is a single queer influencer living in London. Through his vlogs, he pulls us into a strange dreamland world full of hook-ups and urban flings.


Duration: 20 min.

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Adolescence, Adult, Adult Relationship, Happiness, Human Relationship, Idendity, Inspiration, Internet, LGBTQ, Love, Media, Obsession, Relationship, Romance, Sexuality

Cast & Crew

Director: Matus Krajnak

Producer: Matus Krajnak Media

Writer: Matus Krajnak

Actors: Matus Krajnak Maxim Reston Dorothea Jones Gianluca Beninati Letizia Mateo Muhammad Ali Subhani


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