Purple Bells

Partner: The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University | Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

Danni, a son of immigrants from Moscow, was always ashamed of his parents. Now, 30 years after their immigration as a way to reconcile the past, he interviews them and tries to learn their story, trying to commemorate their journey and learn from it.


Duration: 50min.

Country: Israel

Language: Russian, Hebrew, English

Year: 2022

Genre: Animation, Documentary

Topic: Animation, Childhood, Communism, Emigration, Family, Grief, Immigration, Jewish

Cast & Crew

Production company: Tel Aviv University

Writer: Daniel Romanayev, Sappir Krupnik Miller

Cinematographer: Daniel Romanayev

Editor: Daniel Romanayev

Actors: Olga Sneh , Lilia Sneh , Alexey Romaneev , Inna Romanies

Distributor Company: yesDocu


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