Pomegranate Flower

Director: Itamar Alcalay

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Guy (34) Is taking a break at Eli's (92) house. Spending time together revile beautiful intimacy between two men, that 60 years of age difference is between them and Raises questions of sexuality, immigration, belonging, loneliness and love.


Duration: 18 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2020

Genre: Documentary, Experimental, Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adult, Adult Relationship, Aging, Documentary, Exile, Family, Friendship, History, Homeland, Human Relationship, Idendity, Immigration, Jewish, LGBTQ, Loneliness, Love, Love & Time, Mature, Mature/Adult, Old Age, Otherness, Relationship, Romance, Senior, Senior/Aging, Sexuality

Cast & Crew

Director: Itamar Alcalay

Producer: Rose water films

Writer: Itamar Alcalay

Actors: Eli Cohen Guy Israeli Itamar Alcalay

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