Pinuy (Evacuation)

School: The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University

Director: Yair Asher

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Dima and his family are forced to move out of their apartment, where they have been living for 20 years, ever since immigrating from Russia. Where their house currently stands, a new residential tower is going to be built.


Duration: 28 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Russian

Year: 2017

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Family

Cast & Crew

Director: Yair Asher

Producer: Sheri Golan, Yair Asher

Writer: Yair Asher

Actors: Gera Sandler Ola Schur Selektar Oded Leopold Michael Kait

Festivals & Awards


HUESCA Short Film Festival


Haifa International Film Festival