Grandma Sarah

School: The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University

Director: Tehila Afota Brander

filmmaker's profile

Sarah was born in Yemen 100 years ago. Her husband and four sons died, and she stayed with her six daughters. Despite all, Grandma lives life full of meaning and humor. Her hands shaped as working tools, taking care of the garden, cats, and cooking


Duration: 22 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2018

Genre: Documentary

Topic: Adult, African, Aging, coming of age, Death, Documentary, Family, Human Relationship, Idendity, Immigration, Jewish, Love, Middle East Conflict, Motherhood, Mourning, Old Age, Religion, Senior/Aging, Women

Cast & Crew

Director: Tehila Afota Brander

Producer: Tehila Afota Brander

Writer: Tehila Afota Brander, Shauly Melamed

Actors: Sarah Zahara Halevy


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