Childbirth/ Ayala Sharot

Partner: Pitch-Point Shorts – Jerusalem Film Festival & GMFF

Independent animator and film director. Her film "Broken Branches", an animated documentary based on her grandmother's life story, won many awards, including "Best Educational Work" in "Cartoons on the Bay" and "Best Short" in "Haifa Film Festival".

Ayala is also an accomplished animation director. Her work features in animated documentaries, historical and educational museums, music videos and title sequences for film and television.




A woman in labour comes into hospital. The midwife is talking to her, her partner is holding her hand, her body is going through medical procedures but is detached from reality and trapped inside her own mind. She has to let go of her painful childhood memories in order to give birth to her daughter.

Estimated Budget: 348,150 ILS



Previous work:
Watch here Ayala Sharot’s 2014 Documentary Short “Broken Branches”:

An animated documentary – a Jewish girl travels alone from Poland to Israel on the eve of WW2 never to see her family again. [produced by The Hive Studio]


Duration: 6 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adult Relationship, Body, Family, Human Relationship, Identity, Motherhood, Relationship, Women

Cast & Crew

Director: Ayala Sharot

Production company: Mind the Gap Animation

Writer: Ayala Sharot

Cinematographer: Ayala Sharot

Editor: Ayala Sharot

Actors: -


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