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School: Minshar School of Art

Director: Anael Ruth Resnick, Laila Bettermann

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A documentary where object tell stories that people try to hide. In order to deal with taboo, censorship and intricate narratives, two Israeli tenants create a world of found-objects and tell about the Palestinian house they rent.


Duration: 12 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2015

Genre: Animation

Topic: Jewish, Society

Cast & Crew

Director: Anael Ruth Resnick, Laila Bettermann

Producer: Minshar for art

Writer: Laila Bettermann, Anael Ruth Resnick

Actors: Laila Bettermann, Anael Ruth Resnick

Festivals & Awards


Jerusalem puppet festival

Holon puppet festival

Zochrot festival


Long short film festival

Tampere film festiva

Radical frame

Epos art film festival

Long week of short films

Leben film festival

Talin Treff puppets festival

La valletta film festival

Boat of culture

Huesca film festival

Mediteranean film festival

Forli film festival

Aaretalerkurz film festival


Manipulate film festival

Minimalen film festival

Nepal human rights film festival

Fide film festival