Winds of Springtime

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Teenager Amelie is impatiently counting down to the end of the school year. The class is going on a trip to Tenerife, and Amelie can finally pack a pair of jeans – after many years, she can now throw off the orthopedic corset.


Duration: 14 min.

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adolescence, Body, Dream, Family, Identity, Loneliness, Nostalgia

Cast & Crew

Director: Carmen Pedrero

Producer: ECAM

Writer: Alberto Herrera Fontalba, Carmen Pedrero

Cinematographer: Camila Monroy, Paula Romanillos

Editor: Miguel Otero, Enrique Bresca

Actors: Carmen Albizu, Lara Llamas, Inma Isla


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