Vlada Goes to London

School: Minshar School of Art

Director: Arti Savchenko

filmmaker's profile

Vlada works as a pizza delivery girl but dreams of becoming a famous DJ. Within a five-hour shift, we get a glimpse into her world full of pressure, trying to acquire funds for a flight to perform at a festival in London.


Duration: 22 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew, Russian

Year: 2020

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Action, Adult, Biography, Economic status, Music, Social, Violence, Women, Work, Youth

Cast & Crew

Director: Arti Savchenko

Producer: Arti Savchenko

Writer: Arti Savchenko

Actors: Shely Nave Yarden Tuizer Oren Hagany

Festivals & Awards


Tallinn Black Nights Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers


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