Single with God

Partner: Gesher Multicultural Film Fund | Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

Nadav is a Jewish religious bachelor who believes in saving his virginity for his wedding night. He changes three hats on a daily basis: in the morning he works with children as a religious guide, in the evening he's a colorful blogger, musician an


Duration: 42min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2016

Genre: Documentary

Topic: Adaptation, Adolescence, Adult, Adult Relationship, Adventure, Adventurous Person, Desire, Every Day Life, Experimental, Falling in Love, Fame, Human Conduct, Human Relationship, Humor, Identity, Internet, Jewish, Loneliness, Love, Manhood, Marriage, Media, Photography, Relationship, Religion

Cast & Crew

Director: nadav gedalia

Production company: Nadav Gedalia

Writer: Nadav Gedalia

Cinematographer: Nadav Gedalia

Editor: Nadav Gedalia

Actors: Nadav Gedalia


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