Searching for the 5th Direction

Partner: Locarno – Pardi di domani

The search for self, memories, and emotions takes us through forgotten and dark places of an inner world. We navigate 3D scans, torn between curiosity and resistance.


Duration: 07min.

Country: Switzerland

Language: No Dialogue

Year: 2023

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Topic: Animation, Art, Body, Death, Dream, Drugs, Environment, Experimental, Fear, Identity, Loneliness, Mental Health, Mystery, Obsession, Paranoia, Psychosis

Cast & Crew

Production company: Lucerne School of Art and Design

Writer: Matthias Schüpbach

Cinematographer: Matthias Schüpbach

Editor: Matthias Schüpbach

Actors: Gianluca Maruccio , Julia Krummenacher , Laura Jana Luterbach , Marlene Low , Moritz Millat , Noémi Knobil , Sven Bachmann

Distributor Company: Lucerne School of Art and Design

Sales Agent: Lucerne School of Art and Design

Festivals & Awards


Locarno Film Festival


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