Rina and Zaki

Partner: Short Films from Israel – Clermont-Ferrand Market 2022

Director: Ilay Mevorach

filmmaker's profile

Zaki plastered Rina's home for over 30 years. Once he asked to sleep over so he won't be delayed at the checkpoint. She moves the sofas from the wall, folds the pictures, prepares lunch and waits for his arrival.


Duration: 11 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew, Arabic (Overview)

Year: 2021

Genre: Documentary

Topic: Documentary, Family, Human Relationship, Human rights, Middle East Conflict

Cast & Crew

Director: Ilay Mevorach

Producer: Kobi Mizrahi, KM Productions

Writer: Ilay Mevorach

Actors: Rina Mevorach, Hathem Abdallah, Rauf Abdallah

Festivals & Awards



Reels International Film Festival

Vienna Jewish Film Festival

Berlin Jewish Film Festival


Atlanta Jewish Film Festival


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