Oliver’s Pixie Hunt

Partner: Bauhaus University Weimar

Director: Kai Zwettler, Mirko Muhshoff (co-directors)

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Oliver isn’t keen on getting to know his new home town - until he meets Fiona, the city’s magical pest controller. As they deal with wacky Thuringian fairytale creatures and eccentric locals together, Oliver learns that any place can become home.


Duration: 25 min.

Country: Germany

Language: German

Year: 2022

Genre: Animation, Fiction (Comedy), Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adventure, Animation, Childhood, Children, Fantasy, Folklore, Magic

Cast & Crew

Director: Kai Zwettler, Mirko Muhshoff (co-directors)

Producer: Kai Zwettler, Ivan Djambov & Mirko Muhshoff

Writer: Mirko Muhshoff, Kai Zwettler

Cinematographer: Ivan Djambov

Editor: Mirko Muhshoff

Actors: Wieland Kahlert Jessica Trocha Valentin Emil Lubberger Jorid Lukaczik Klaudia Golberg Christiane Ziehl Thomas Kramer Erik Baumbach Charlotte Kroß Anika Volkgenannt


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