Mum is pouring rain

Director: Hugo de Faucompret

filmmaker's profile

Tenacious 8-year-old Jane is sent to spend Christmas at her grandmother’s. Her mother is going through a depression, but Jane is too young to understand.


Duration: 29 min.

Country: France

Language: French

Year: 2021

Genre: Animation, Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Adventure, Animation, Childhood, Children, Family, Music, nature, Relationship

Cast & Crew

Director: Hugo de Faucompret

Producer: Laïdak Films

Writer: Hugo de Faucompret, Lison d'Andréa

Actors: Yolande Moreau Arthur H Céline Sallette Siam Georget-Rolland

Sales Agent: Dandelooo

Festivals & Awards


Annecy International Animation Film Festival & Market


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