Home Movie

Home is a place that brings together realism of the everyday and cinematic fantasy. Four scenes form a house where the characters act routinely while audiovisual elements from Hollywood are used to project their emotions.


Duration: 15min.

Country: Israel

Language: No Dialogue

Year: 2020

Genre: Experimental

Topic: Army, Body, Capitalism, Family, Fantasy, Fear, Happiness, Horror, Human Conduct, Human Relationship, Loneliness, Love, Love & Time, Mourning, Mystery, Myth, Old Age, Post apocalypse, Relationship, Romance, Sci-Fi, Senior/Aging, Sexuality, War, Water, Women

Cast & Crew

Production company: DOWN TOWN PRODUCTIONS

Writer: Tal Alperstein

Cinematographer: Eric Raphael Mizrahi

Editor: Keren Bergman

Actors: Mendy Cahan , Tamar Raban , Michal Alperstein , Gali Alperstein , Raz Gomeh , Yoske Alterzon , Nir David Zats

Distributor Company: DOWN TOWN PRODUCTIONS


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