Doom Cruise

Partner: AG Kurzfilm

Passengers on a cruise ship are forced to come to terms with their inevitable doom. The female captain looks for the right words and a group of children wants to do something nice for an animal that died.


Duration: 17min.

Country: Germany

Language: German, English, French, Russian, Greek

Year: 2021

Genre: Animation

Topic: Adult, Animation, Death, Family, Food, Friendship, Human Relationship, Journey, Philosophy, Post apocalypse, Society

Cast & Crew

Production company: Studio Corallo

Writer: Olivia Schrøder

Cinematographer: Hannah Stragholz, Simon Steinhorst

Editor: Hannah Stragholz, Simon Steinhorst

Actors: Marianna Dimitriou , Oleksandra Makhlina , Mathilda Schöpfer , Olivia Schrøder , Marcus Zilz , Katharina Huber , Jonas Preben Jørgensen , Bob Schrøder Grum , Jaavar Sidi Aly

Festivals & Awards


Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS)

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Filmfest Dresden

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen


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