Talents Nest @Meeting Point-Vilnius 2022


Meeting Point-Vilnius (MPV) is the international Work-in-Progress pitching forum for debut films and a platform to discover and develop European talents. It aims to build a network between different European macro-regions: from the Baltic to the South East, from the Caucasus to Western Europe.

It is made by 4 different sections:

– Work-In-Progress pitching session Coming Soon, open to 20 international debut directors’ films;

– Industry Screening platform, entirely dedicated to festival programmers, distributors, sales and commissioning editors that will have at their disposal rough cuts of the finest Baltic upcoming films;

– ToT-Talks on Tomorrow, Framework programme of panels & inspirational talks;

– Talents Nest, the talent development platform aiming to explore and nurture emerging professionals from the Baltic countries, ex-Soviet and Caucasian countries.