Wicked Reality

School: Bilkent University COMD

Director: Mert Can Bölükbaş

filmmaker's profile

Batuhan orders Augmented Reality Glasses and uses it without safety precautions. His anxiety disorder leads him to have problems with his new glasses.


Duration: 10 min.

Country: Turkey

Language: Turkish

Year: 2017

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Augmented Reality, Horror

Cast & Crew

Director: Mert Can Bölükbaş

Producer: Ayşenur Gündoğdu, Mert Can Bölükbaş

Writer: Ayşenur Gündoğdu, Mert Can Bölükbaş

Actors: Batuhan Bas, Orcun Yıldırım, Emin Mammadlı, Ömer Faruk Tapsız