There Is No End

School: The Maaleh School of Television & Film

Director: Benjamin Serero

filmmaker's profile

Alex (30) breaks his ten-year-old brother Nati out of a care home in order to prevent his transfer to a psychiatric facility. His aim is to get both of them both back to France, their birthplace. But will Alex's actions help Nati, or harm him?


Duration: 23 min.

Country: Israel

Language: French, Hebrew

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Brotherhood, Childhood, Children, Cinema, Exile, Family, French Culture, health, Homeland, Human Relationship, Immigration, Ocean

Cast & Crew

Director: Benjamin Serero

Producer: Maaleh Film School

Writer: Benjamin Serero, Clelia Bertrand

Actors: Yaniv Peretz Yahel Shwartz

Distributor Company: Maaleh Film School



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