The Mish Mash

School: LUCA School of Arts

Director: Julian Wolf

filmmaker's profile

“Meli Melo” shows a portrait of a mixed group of young friends in the big city. Each individual struggles with a search for identity, ambitions and a place in this modern society. We see how mixed cultures try to get along in this new generation.


Duration: 19 min.

Country: Netherlands

Language: French

Year: 2018

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: coming of age, Friendship, Idendity, Religion, Youth

Cast & Crew

Director: Julian Wolf

Producer: Julian Wolf, LUCA School of Arts Sint Lukas Brussel

Writer: Julian Wolf

Actors: Arber Aliaj Samy Filali Tine Roggeman Ashley Ntangu

Festivals & Awards


Film Fest Gent

Leuven International Short Film Festival