The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God

Director: Rita Borodiyanski

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The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God, inspired by a story by Etgar Keret, a comic drama about Eddie, 28, a failed cook, desperate to find love. When he gets a date, he oversleeps, and does all he can to make Sasson’s bus and his date. Sasson – a drive


Duration: 12 min.

Country: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Year: 2018

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Aging, Loneliness, Love, Mature, Relationship, Social, Society

Cast & Crew

Director: Rita Borodiyanski

Producer: Rita Borodiyanski

Writer: Rita Borodiyanski- inspired by a story by Etgar Keret

Actors: Eddie- David Ziselson Bus Driver; Sasson - Doron Tzabari Sassoon's Father- Roberto Polka