Taking The Dog Out

School: Zurich University of the Arts

Director: Fellix Hergert

filmmaker's profile

A glimpse of a city at night. Humans appear, stand still, stumble and disappear into the darkness and the glow of the neon light. The search for that good moment continues.


Duration: 10 min.

Country: Switzerland

Language: German

Year: 2015

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Happiness, Idendity, Loneliness, Youth

Cast & Crew

Director: Fellix Hergert

Producer: Zurich University of the Arts

Writer: Felix Hergert

Actors: Manuel Neuburger Ismail Adao Maximilian Kraus Eugenie Anselin Urs Humbel Ralph-Tristan Engelmann

Festivals & Awards


Solothurner Filmtage


Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig

Internationales Kurzfilmtage Winterthur