Stacey and the Alien

School: LUCA School of Arts

Director: Nelson Polfliet

filmmaker's profile

18y old cheerleader Stacey can’t handle the loss of her recently deceased mother. She decides to keep mother’s body hidden from the outside world and tries to hold on to the illusion that by doing this, they can keep on spending their lives together.


Duration: 15 min.

Country: Belgium

Language: French

Year: 2017

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Death

Cast & Crew

Director: Nelson Polfliet

Producer: Roxanne Sarkozi

Writer: Nelson Polfliet

Actors: Renée Vervaet, Ineke Nijsen, Anouk Fortunier, Elke Shari Vandenbroeck

Festivals & Awards


Brussels Alternative Film Festival - Winner Best Short

Belgian Youth Film Festival - Winner Best Short


Cellu L'art International Short - Winner Best Fiction

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (South-Korea)

Watersprite Festival Cambridge

Cortex Festival Lisbon

Interfilm Berlin Short Film Festival

KUKI Youth film festival

Original Narrative Film Festival Dubai

46th Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival

Brussels Fantastic Film Festival

Fantasy Filmfest

MotelX Lisbon

L'étrange Festival Paris

Concorto Film Festival

Ciné Privé Gent

Bewegend Beeld Antwerpen


Hyperfest Bucharest - Best Script Award