Sisters/ Katarina Rešek Kukla

Partner: Les Arcs Film Festival – Talent Village 2021

Director: Katarina Rešek Kukla

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Three best friends, sworn virgins, get into a fight with local boys. When things get rough, they are saved by girl in the becoming.


Katarina Rešek Kukla is currently working on her first debut film “Fantasy”


Duration: 23 min.

Country: Slovenia

Language: Slovene, Serbian, Albanian

Year: 2020

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: coming of age, Human rights, Idendity, LGBTQ, Love, Music, Sexuality, Society

Cast & Crew

Director: Katarina Rešek Kukla

Producer: A Atalanta

Writer: Katarina Resek Kukla

Actors: Mia Skrbinac Mina Milovanovic Sarah Al Saleh

Sales Agent: Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg

Festivals & Awards


Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival

Castellinaria International Young Film Festival

Valencia International Film Festival, Spain

Vilnius Queer Festival

Kiki International Children Film Festival

Palm Springs International Film Festival



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