Sad Orangutans Rob a Bank

Partner: USC – University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

Director: Grant Raun

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Walden and his friends are hopelessly depressed living the carefree life of an affluent orangutan in Los Angeles until he decides to do something about it - they're going to rob a bank.


Duration: 13 min.

Country: United States of America (USA)

Language: English

Year: 2019

Genre: Fiction (Comedy)

Topic: Action, Adventure, Human Conduct, Human Relationship, Obsession, Relationship, Social, Society, Thriller

Cast & Crew

Director: Grant Raun

Producer: USC

Writer: Grant Raun

Cinematographer: Jake Harbour

Editor: Shaina Ghuraya

Actors: David Towne (Walden) ; Nicholas Waters (Drummond) ; STephanie Randal (Helen) ; Stephanie Knight (Drew) ; Julie Schmid (Dr. Bellows) ; Luiz Lopez , Ellis David Perry , Stephen Ladson , Anna Bubnova , Alyssa Dugar , Bryan Sandlin , Morganne Kennel , Cathy Town , Kellyey Poling , Jas Spearman , Mark Annevelink (bank patrons) ; Kate Sancer , Ernie Rivera (Bank Tellers) ; Isabella Bertilsson , Nia Noelle , Claire Young , Dylan Sharon , Bruno Troca , Natalya Sands , Peter Heffenreffer , Venice Whitaker , Alden Truesdale , Enya Stewart , Madison Oakley , Morgan McGinnis (party guests)


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