Ours is a Country of Words

School: KASK – School of Arts Gent

Director: Mathijs Poppe

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Beginning at a moment in the future, the dream of the refugees to go back to Palestine is becoming reality. Yet, while families are preparing for their fictional return, it appears that this dream is far from their daily life in the camp.


Duration: 42 min.

Country: Belgium

Language: Arabic (Overview)

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary

Topic: Human rights, Immigration, Middle East Conflict, War

Cast & Crew

Director: Mathijs Poppe

Producer: Elisa Heene

Writer: Mathijs Poppe

Actors: Jamal Hendawi, Mohammad Abbas, Mohammad Zayat, Mohammad Hassan, Naim Abbas, Mona Hendawi, Farah Hendawi, Hanan Hendawi.