Nurbolat Naizabekov

Partner: Talents Nest @Meeting Point-Vilnius 2022

Director I Actor (Kazakhstan/ Baigazin PROD)


Born on July 4, 1998, Nurbolat grew up in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Entering a prestigious university as a political scientist, he quickly realized that he was interested in the cinema when, instead of attending lectures, he began to go to the library to write scripts. After leaving university, he followed his dream of becoming an actor, but due to the lack of interesting projects in the local film industry, he decided to become a director and started gaining experience. Nurbolat was selective in projects and therefore managed to work with such a director as Emir Baigazin (Golden Lion at the 75th Venice Film Festival). After learning from the master, Nurbolat made his first short film for $700. He actively explores the craft of directing and screenwriting, creating deeply authorial scripts that reflect universal human problems and traumas. In the future, he plans to develop the local film industry and help young talents to be noticed, as many filmmakers are not properly supported by the government.

Previous Short Film available:



The life of young Bagdat changes when an unexpected guest with a gift appears on the doorstep.

(2021 / Kazakhstan / Art House / 15min)



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