Funkele/ Nicole Jachmann

Partner: Les Arcs Film Festival – Talent Village 2021

Director: Nicole Jachmann

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Fifteen-year-old Robin and her best friend Merel share everything and are inseparable. Except for Robin’s budding sexuality and curiosity. Robin is ashamed of this and keeps it anxiously hidden.


Nicole Jachmann is currently working on her first debut film “The part of the day when you are not here”


Duration: 16 min.

Country: Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Year: 2021

Genre: Fiction (Drama)

Topic: Adolescence, Body, coming of age, Friendship, Idendity, Loneliness, Love, Sexuality, Teen love, Women, Youth/Teen

Cast & Crew

Director: Nicole Jachmann

Producer: Dutch Mountain Film

Writer: Nicole Jachmann

Actors: Claire Porro Julia Olsthoorn Jesse Meisters Jonas Coppus

Festivals & Awards


Netherlands Film Festival


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